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by Zidane Tribal
latest GOssip:
It looks like there are going to be some changes around here, though I can't say what they could possibly be, or maybe I can...
This month's Activity Check is up, but we will be nixing the requirement for a post within the required month for this go by as it's been a pretty busy year so far! Looking at you January! 

On top of that the Site's Plot Event is still going on and members are free to enter and depart as they will. Both good and evil are invited to this adventure to do their very best, in whatever it is they do! Progress on the plot will fully depend on your interaction with it so please look forward to that!

Going forward we want to make sure you guys are having fun so I encourage plotting together in Discord or on site and make sure to communicate with your friends! Don't be so stressed that you can't post often, we all have lives to live: but be sure to communicate that and work on ways you can give a little out so you can feel accomplished! Remember we're here to have fun so let's plan and plot and get some RP going!

by Lana
I do want to apologize for the slowness and delay of the site since the holidays. There's been some chaos in the real lives of the staff. However, we're working on getting some things updated. This update was sent via pm as well to all members.

Thanks to Ray's keen eye, we've updated the rules on canon characters to include Pixar on a case by case basis as canon character.

KH3 Release Rewards[NEW]
Malefic Musings is proud to celebrate the release of Kingdom Heart 3 with a special surprise to all members!

One Free Disney/Pixar Character Slot

This character does not count toward your total character limit as it is a free slot. It will allow you to app someone from either genre. Pixar characters will need to be approved on a case by case basis. This slot is not eligible to members that had a character hold due to dropped characters.

Site Plot & Upcoming Events[ONGOING]
The plot will be pended till most of the staff/members have beaten Kingdom Hearts 3. This is to avoid as many spoilers as we can. We will hopefully have an updated plot available soon for everyone.

As for the events, we'll keep you posted. We hope you're excited about the Spring Event we will be announcing soon!


by Zidane Tribal
latest GOssip:
I heard there were some suspicious faces to be seen hanging around Christmas Town, otherwise Sandy Claws says his vacation is going great after such a long holiday season!
(Nil the Purrhemoth) said:
Obviously Max Goof is the 15th member of OXIII

Which would come as a surprise. Did you know that Organization XIII is known as the XIII Order in Japanese? This coincides with the theme: The 13th Struggle

Now this month, just after New Years and the Holidays we did not have much time to vote in awards, but we have been seeing changes going around the site, if you haven't noticed.

It has come to a head! In the Birthday Bash we now stand at the edge of seeing a conclusion! With  and  standing side by side against  and @generalbeatrix we will see who will become the ultimate victor.

Also with all these plots going around we may need some help! Down below we are looking for some of our buddies to return home from their adventures:

Aldebert Steiner
The Turks

Seems your allies are in need of your help! Remember guys keep your life in order and be sure to come play and enjoy yourself. This is our second home, not our second job!

by Zidane Tribal
latest GOssip:
With winter coming along through KHMM it seems that there's evil afoot with Heartless gathering near Christmas Town. Santa is recruiting helpers to aide in its defense. 
(Nick Laruzi) said:
Wait what if Xigbar was... a gremlin?

And I wouldn't be surprised! With more and more information coming out about Kingdom Hearts III we are finding out new things about the Master Xehanorts Real Organization XII we can very ell learn the origins of our aspiring villains. Maybe we 

A most noteworthy thread that has earned praised from our fellow roleplayers is Only the Finest courtesy of our lovely Queen Rina and charming Alessandro Apollo.

The tournaments are coming to a close end. Soon you all will be expected to vote for our winners. Be honest in all your deliberations. I'd like to congratulate our contestants for the distances they reached! You all do Hercules proud heroes! And you make Hades giggle, villains. 

And what do we have here? Our ever cuddly , our local Behemoth, has stolen November with member of the month! While it is not December it is a question of who will succeed him? Remember, Santa is checking his list twice so be nice our KHMM patrons and remember: you're always welcome to keep warm in our hearth! 

by Zidane Tribal
latest GOssip:
Seems the mischievous Chip and Dale finally got their Birthday Bash up and running! After the first round we see a few participates take the cut, but there's a crowd favorite in the ringing: a little girl with a knack for coloring, they say!
(Akemi) said:
Oh I know I watch the fan fest religiously.

And with good reason! As it goes Final Fantasy XIV has been having some major updates, including a promotional crossover with the new Monster Hunter World, making Rathlos a part of the FFXIV world bestiary! Not only that but it seems the Nintendo Switch is getting a whole library of Final Fantasy games. All this and Kingdom hearts around the corner? Hold on to your pants guys!

A most noteworthy thread deep in the heart of Kingdom Hearts a newly born Keyblader faced their trial with the pride and power expected of new heroes. It was perhaps their amazing display in the face of adversity that led their Quest of Destiny, Destati, to be awarded such praise.

A bit of a surprise this year is that our very own Black Waltz No. 3 became the reigning champion to Struggle Ball. He's a little under the weather so let's hope our hero of the competitive sport returns next year! It was wickedly exciting and I hope to see more Struggles like it!

And who could forget this queen of mean? Our member of the month, @maleficent , broke through the barriers of light and dark to be considered for such an auspicious position. Let's hope it's enough to keep this faerie on our good side! We'll see everyone next month as the Birthday Bash Tournament continues! 


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