So, you made an account! Awesome! Welcome aboard! Now, let me give you a quick walkthrough of the forum before things get too crazy!

We are a canon Kingdom Hearts roleplay. We allow Final Fantasy, The World Ends With You, some Pixar, Disney as well as Original Characters. We hope to see you around the site! If you have any questions or problems, you can feel free to contact a staff member through the site or reach out to us on our Discord!

We look forward to rping with you!

When you join the forum, you will need to apply for the character. Your first step would be to decide if you want a Canon Character or an Original Character. Once you decide, you want to complete the appropriate Application Form and post it for staff review. When reviewed and approved, you will be free to roleplay on site.

Because this is a canon KH forum, we do have some restrictions on OC's. Our open number of Original Characters depend on the amount of canon profiles currently approved on the forum. We prefer half or less of the site to be original characters. Of that number, only a third of those OC's may be keybladers. We do, however, always allow Canon World Original Characters. These are characters with canon based home worlds and backgrounds. If you can conform your character to an existing FF, Pixar, or Disney world, then you do not need to worry about the restrictions.

We love to see balanced profiles for all pending Original characters. You want to make sure that your character is all powerful right off the bat. All characters, be it OC or canon, can purchase abilities at our ability shop with munny earned from roleplaying. However, If you start with a canon character and reach one hundred posts with that character prior to applying for an OC, your next Original Character can start with five extra abilities added to the initial ten.

When creating your profile or purchasing a new ability, you want to make sure you have a few things listed. You want to have the ability name. A descriptions of what each ability does and looks like. You'll also need to make sure you have a cooldown. The stronger the ability, the longer the cooldown, so be reasonable and think about whether it's a quick attack or a more powerful one that need charging or should need a duration to recharge.

The most important part is to please use common sense. Make sure that these powers do not make your character permanently invincible or overpowered. The more creative, exceptional, and original in concept that your powers are, the more likely we will accept your abilities. If their power is similar to super strength or changing forms, please include weaknesses or drawbacks to justify it.

During any site approved battle thread - including all Mirage Arena Events - characters are limited to only using a maximum of three of actions per post/turn/round. These consist of anything in the battle that is used offensively or defensively to gain an advantage in battle such as; powers (those listed on one's character application), standard physical attacks (punching, slashing a combo, etc), and using items (Potions, Phoenix Downs, etc.) This ensures that the character's opponents have a fair chance to write a response both countering the character's attacks as well as making their own. We believe the members will be fair with their characters and dodge or block their opponent's actions according to the powerplay rule to make the fight seem realistic. However, please try and be more descriptive on how you dodge an attack. You need to have more than "[your character's name] dodged the attack." That way it's more interesting and realistic.